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in "They Live." Just incredible. I've noted (in 2015) an increase in their promotion, though my impression may be some sort of feedback process caused by my own browsing. 1971 Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace 'started 1971, now 40 offices' 2007 TV Greenpeace founder (Patrick Moore - no apparent relation to the astronomer) shown as saying that by Thatcher most people agreed with them; so where. Recently appointed (post 9/11) to British Airports Authority.

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Unicef, the UN children's fund, provides food, shelter, doctors and medicine for mothers and children in poor countries - but not for childless women or men. Journeyman Pictures seems to be Australian-based, and/or something to do with John Pilger, yet another supposedly crusading journalist who never mentions Jewish paper money, Jewish frauds, Jewish lies. I couldn't find anything giving a unified view of bases, paid for by Americans, used by Jews. Appendix A, after the 1990 Iraq War, is the 'most complete survey of all the different bombs, missiles, shells, and weapons.' by William M Arkin, Damian Durrant, and Marianne Cherni for Greenpeace. Com Is a Jewish American site, which if Alexa is to be believed is one of the most-visited sites in the USA, though still far behind. This site may be a trap. Back to Top of This Page Roman Catholic Sites include for example Cambria Will Not Yield (Alexa lists this as low ranking) Which is anti-'liberal' in an American sense. Clark seems unaware of Jews wanting to wreck countries, something he ought to know. It's only at the very start of a process of revisionism. Migrant Help Dover offers help with housing, education and employment.

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Will change your product for free in case you change your mind. Seems to be planned with another pre-emptive browser called m to mop up people unhappy with Mozilla; its published list of experts or 'experts' has a high proportion of obvious Jews, and is clearly phoney. This entire 'project' seems discontinued. Here are some scraps: '. 1997 Dick van Steenis: says Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are not interested in small particles in the air caused by orimulsion burning, and connection with.g. This Save the Children pays a wealthy woman a salary and perks in excess of 200,000.00 per year. Friends of the Earth draws support from known communist e anti-nuclear lobby is not so much genuinely won over to the ecological cause as it is politically motivated and Soviet oriented. Possibly good for a laugh. Since 1954, Bilderberg meetings have brought together the most powerful people in the western world, bankers, the press, corporate interests and top politicians to discuss future policy. Condell doesn't even seem to know that Sweden by being neutral in the Second World War, incurred the insane hate of Jewish racists who think everyone should support their psychopathy. May be a clone/ mimic/ hasbarat copy of a more popular site, EducationNews. Private elite club that sets the agenda for a Corporate controlled Europe. There's of course plenty of opportunity here for multiple bluffs. It has little idea about false flags, though it does attribute some to (I think) Israel, but it says nothing about 9/11, Silverstein etc. I doubt if it's very successful, as it's too obviously taking the line of covertly-funded hirelings. The European Guardian is an interesting online source, claiming to be 'The Home of Europe's new Right'.

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