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5,7 1917 abandoned and sank in hurricane off Hawaii. 4,701 Tampa (2) 1943 ex- Hindanger, 1961 purchased from Westfal-Larsen., Bergen renamed Tampa, 1967 sold to Philippines renamed Manuel Quezon. John NB due to ice damage. 4,297 Tysla (3) 1944 ex- Gerda Dan, 1961 purchased from. 498 Tender Tarpon (1) 1973 tug / supply ship, 1979 sold to Panama renamed Challenger Service. Remember to tell Madam Mysteria you saw the. 399 Tender Bourgogne 1983 tug / supply ship, 1987 sold to Panama renamed Bourgogne. 27,9 1980 sold to Liberia renamed Southern Diamond. 12,548 Tibetan (2) sold to Denholm Ship Management, Glasgow renamed Muirfield. Simone, 1942 transferred to Germans reverted to Tana, 1943 sunk by Allied air attack off Sardinia. 5,8 1910 purchased from New York Pacific., London, 1917 stranded on coast of Chile and became total loss, later salvaged and sold to Italy.

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4,766 Tatra (2) 1958 ex- Sistina, 1966 purchased from Tschudi Eitzen, Oslo renamed Tatra, 1973 transferred to Barber Ship Management, Singapore, 1977 sold to Panama renamed Eastern Prosperity. Hore, Exeter renamed Fin, 1887 condemned. 6,655 Thermopylae (2) sold to Brodrene Olsen, Stavanger renamed Kongsborg. 4,765 Titania (3) sold to Greece renamed Aristotelis. 6,778 Tamerlane (2) rebuilt to 12,124 tons, 1978 sold to Greece renamed Telendos. Vigus, 1889 purchased from. 7.031 Norman Isles sold. 1,283 Willine Taro see Troll Forest (1) Willine Toyo 1968 ex- Havrais, 1981 purchased from Denholm Ship Management, Glasgow renamed Willine Toyo, registered Singapore, 1986 scrapped. Bastian, West Germany renamed Alisios.


Escort teen didnt expect anal sex. If you are an admirer of strong muscular women, she the right Mistress for you, she has the mental and physical power to make you her toy. 4,960 Tirranna (1) captured SE of Mauritius by German raider atlantis, 1940 torpedoed and sunk by HMS tuna off Gironde Estuary; loss of 87 lives. Norwegia, przekazy pieniężne, szybkie przelewy, Ferpay, przelewy przez Internet, kantor online, ferpay: poznajemy miejsca, w których żyjecie. In 1969, Wilhelmsen, Fearnley Eger and. 8,6 1981 renamed Barber Tsu, 1984 reverted to Tsu, 1985 chartered and renamed Hoegh Cape, 1986 sold to China renamed. Torrens (1) served as US troopship, 1966 sold to Greece renamed Georgios. Last updated: September 03, 2010 and maintained by and. 4 barque, 1890 purchased from. tromso escort escort fredrikstad

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