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just before the wastebasket across the room catches fire. When Wojo is reported to be okay, Yemana opines: "He could eat a desk." Landslide Election : In "The Election Inspector Luger is a strong proponent of a good friend of his who is running for office, even. Reality Has No Subtitles : In "Hunger Strike" they bring in a woman who everyone thinks is crazy (she escaped from a mental asylum where she's been held ever since she first arrived in the country 20ish years previously) and speaking her own made-up language. Obeah : Just wave this talisman three times over your bed, and souls that were separated will soon be reunited. Large Ham : The district attorney, complete with Incoming Ham, pacing around the squadroom ranting about the sympathetic suspects who happen to. Catch-Phrase : Barney's "Gentlemen, I think we all have work." Often lampshaded by the other characters in later seasons. The women behind the open letter know that a new private prison for women is just about the furthest thing from what the state needs to be doing right now to address its addiction to mass incarceration.

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The Triads and the Tongs : Two-part episode "Chinatown" involves a gang called The White Dragons that killed some people in a Chinese restaurant. Broadcasters' Audience Research Board. Which for viewers will be the rest of the summer. Wojo mentions this again in Season 7 episode "Rachel" when wondering if that's why Barney is bothered by Wojo maybe dating Barney's daughter. "You spell it like it sounds, pay ess chay zay oh ell." This was a running gag with Wojciehowicz. A police-themed sitcom airing on, aBC from 197582, Barney Miller was considered quite realistic by actual cops, especially in comparison to police dramas at the time. Totally inverted with Wojo, and even more with DietrichBarney won't even let Dietrich go out because he just does not look female at all. They note that ccwfs facility is currently operating at 185 capacity, and as a result, prisoners access to critical services such as food and healthcare have declined. Lethal Chef : Yemana, at least when it comes to making coffee. Past month, past 3 months, past year, all. Accidental Misnaming : Inspector Luger always called Sgt. In Frasier, one of Martin's police friends was Stan Wojciedubakowski, and when he died, Martin briefly dated his widow. Barney collapses into a chair and hides his face as though recovering from the moment of horror, but a closer look shows that Hal Linden is hiding his laughter. Thompson's device is still being examined and tested by our trained examiners and testers." The Vests Shut In : In "The Recluse" the 12th arrests a man who ignored a summons to jury duty. She'd been lovers with the now-dead artist, and the picture was a private endearment, never meant for exhibition. Agent: remembering himself Oh sure, sure. Taking the Bullet : In "Hair Det.

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A Date With Mary Cheri Cheri. Also, it "cracked." In a later episode, Barney threatens an unruly perpetrator by saying he would stuff their towel in his mouth. And then drank a bottle of really cheap gin." Dude, She's Like, in a Coma! Their lobbying operation, however, is much bigger than giving money to a couple of Golden State governors. The Baby Broker Affably Evil : Arthur Duncan likes to rob the disabled, charities, and in general people who are particularly defenseless, but he always has a reasonable attitude about getting arrested. At times during the three-part final episode, the chuckles of the crew can be heard faintly in the background. Meaningful Name : The aging inspector who looks back fondly on the life-threatening shootouts of the old days, waxes nostalgic about his old comrades getting shot down in their prime, and doesn't understand the modern force's need for things like proper procedures. Kopechne later got rid of the lycanthropy, but became possessed by a demon as a side effect. Writer's Block : A storyline at the beginning of Season 8 has Harris mad at Barney because Barney forced him to miss a meeting with his literary agent.

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